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property management

Property Management

Our Primary Goal

At Foster Properties, our property management experts provide you with hassle-free support and utmost professionalism.

Regardless of whether your property is rented out or not, we offer tailored management solutions to ensure you benefit from your property without any stress.

Areas of Expertise

We present a range of management solutions tailored to various lifestyles and investment approaches. Our offerings come in two distinct contracts:

1. Property Management Service (for non-rented properties)
2. Property Management Service (for long-term rentals)

With our extensive experience in property management, long-term rentals, and transactions, coupled with our professional yet approachable team, we provide a comprehensive range of services. This includes promoting your property, coordinating with tenants, overseeing its upkeep, and handling its administrative aspects.

Non-Rental Property Management Service

Leverage our local network and real estate knowledge to oversee these essential aspects:

     – Manage payment of condominium dues.
     – Settle service provider bills.
     – Maintain accounting records and provide a detailed monthly account statement showcasing all transactions.

     – Ensure consistent upkeep of your property, from cleaning to minor repairs.
     – Oversee and manage maintenance contracts, ensuring quality service from providers.
     – Facilitate quotes, coordinate, and monitor any repair, renovation, or enhancement projects you choose.
     – Prepare your property for your imminent arrivals.


Long-Term Rental Property Management Service

Harness the power of our local connections and real estate know-how to effectively manage:

     – Market your property within the local real estate community.
     – Execute rental agreements.
     – Handle keys and welcome potential tenants for property visits.

Administrative & Commercial
     – Dispatch rental invoices and receipts.
     – Collect, adjust, and manage rents; oversee lease renewals and terminations.
     – Send reminders for overdue payments and handle any disputes.
     – Coordinate tenant departures upon lease termination, manage final account settlements, and process security deposit returns, whether full or partial.

     – Take care of condominium fee payments.
     – Settle bills from service providers and maintain detailed accounting records.
     – Provide a monthly account statement showcasing all financial activities and an annual summary essential for your rental income tax declaration.

     – Address minor repair needs raised by your tenant.
     – Supervise and manage maintenance contracts and ensure top-notch service delivery from providers.
     – Arrange for quotations, coordinate, and oversee any renovation or enhancement projects as required.